Instructions for Abstract

Abstract Submission Guidelines in Symsim 2023 for Poster & Oral Presentation
  • Abstracts are invited for Poster and Oral presentations from registered delegates only for SYMSIM-2023.
  • Categories for abstract submission under the Symbiosis Centre for Health Skills are as follows: Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, Allied Health Care, and Nursing.
  • The delegates will be asked for the registration ID at the time of abstract submission. Therefore, the delegates are requested to register before abstract submission to avoid last-minute confusion. The abstract will not be considered for review and further presentation in the event of a registration failure.
  • The official language of the Conference is English. The editorial committee will not process abstracts, which are not in English.
  • Font: Times New Roman; Font size:12
  • The abstract submitted must not have been presented at any previous conclave/ conference/seminar or published in any scientific journal. If found to be already published/presented, the abstract will be rejected.
  • The first abstract will be accepted for review if a similar abstract paper has been submitted more than once.
  • Each presenting author may submit only ONE abstract.
  • Abstracts for oral and poster presentations should be submitted to . The category (Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, Allied Health Care, and Nursing) under which the abstract is being submitted must be mentioned in the subject line of the email.
Abstract Format
  • Title: Short and concise that indicates the content of the abstract.
  • Abstract frame: Abstracts must be structured as follows:
  • Experimental/Clinical research: Keywords, Introduction/Background, Methodology, Results, Discussion / Conclusion / Future Directions.
  • Case report/series: Keywords, Introduction, Case(s) history/description, Discussion, Conclusion
  • Word limit: Maximum number of words as per the word limit in respective tabs both for experimental and clinical research as well as for case reports/ series without any diagrams, charts, footnotes, or references, excluding the title and authors and affiliation.
    Safety/Ethics/Clinical trials: All abstracts submitted for oral and poster presentations (except case report/ series) must provide an approval number regarding radiation/biosafety under the safety tab; regarding involvement of human subjects, experimental animals, and usage of primary stem cells under the ethics tab; specifications regarding clinical trials under the clinical trials tab.
Presenting Author
  • The presenting author must be a registered delegate.
  • Presenting author’s name and affiliation(s) should clearly be stated. The name of the authors should be in initials with the surname.
  • The name of presenting author should be in Bold and Underlined.
  • The presenting author should submit an abstract.
  • The editorial committee will communicate with the presenting author through the email.
  • In case the presenting author is not the corresponding author, details of the corresponding author (such as name with an Asterix (*) against it, affiliation, and email id) must be mentioned on the poster. For oral presentations, the details of the corresponding authors could be provided at the under of the presentation under acknowledgement/thank you slide.
Abstract Submission Closing Dates
  • No abstract will be accepted after 10th September 2023 at midnight Indian Standard Time.
Review and Acceptance of Abstracts
  • The abstract will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers and will be accepted for a POSTER/ORAL presentation or sent back to the presenting author for modifications. The authors will be notified of the outcome of the review process in due course.
  • The SYMSIM 2023 editorial committee reserves the right to change the presentation mode and even the categories as deemed fit.
  • The decision of the editorial committee of SYMSIM 2023 will be regarded as final.
  • Publication Rights: By submitting an abstract, the authors give the right to the conference organizers to publish the abstract in an abstract book/CD. The presenting author must enter the co-authors’ names and affiliations when submitting the abstract online.
Guidelines for Poster Presentation
  • The dimensions of the Poster must be 3 feet in height and 3 feet in width.
  • Title: Times New Roman, Font size- 45-50 pts, Bold.
  • Author(s): Full name in Times New Roman, Font size- 45-50 pts, Bold and Italics.
  • Author(s) Affiliation: Name of the Institute, Designation and contact details in Times New Roman, Font size45-50 pts [Indicate the corresponding author by asterix (*) and the presenting author in bold and underlid].
  • The poster should include Abstract/Background (preferably short), Methodology (preferably short), Results (preferably elaborate), Discussion/Future Directions (preferably short), Graphical Summary (if applicable), Ethics and Funding statements (if applicable) and not more than 3 references, Font size- 35-40 pts.
  • Including tables, graphs, images, and QR codes (3 min Audio File) is highly appreciated.
  • The poster can be prepared electronically using Microsoft PowerPoint or any designing software.
  • At the bottom of each poster following line should be added “SYMSIM 2023” Simulation in Healthcare – A real need of the hour.
Guidelines for Oral Paper Presentation

Total seven slides (excluding the Title and Acknowledgement/Thank you slides) covering the following points

  • Title: Times New Roman, Font size- 25 pts, Bold.
  • Author(s): Full name in Times New Roman, Font size- 18 pts, Bold and Italics.
  • Author(s) Affiliation: Name of the Institute, Designation and contact details in Times New Roman, Font size- 16 pts (Indicate the corresponding author by * and the presenting author in bold and underlined)
  • Introduction/Rationale of study, Methodology, Results, Discussion/Way forward/Novelty of the study and not more than.
  • The inclusion of tables, graphs, and images is highly encouraged.
  • The presentation should be made in a PPT format.
  • Time details: 10 mins for the presentation and 5 mins for the Q-A session